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The New Value in Global Traditional Medicine

Experience the new value of in traditional medicine based upon the science of harmony and coexistence. Look into the health and future cures for mankind through traditional medicine.

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주제관2층 다목적실, 카페테리아 주제관1층 4D영상관
  • 1 Modern Medicine Meets New Cures
    • The Health Alert for Modern Day People
    • Dilemma of Modern People
    • Worldwide Traditional Medicine
    • Healing Power, Traditional Medicine
    2 Rediscovery of the Mechanism of Harmony and Coexistence
    • Wisdom of 5,000 years, Korean Medicine
    • Rediscovery of Korean Medicine
    • Cutting-edge Korean Medicine Challenges the Dilemma of Medical Treatment
    3 Talk on the Legitimacy of Korean Medicine
    • Key to Production, Our Korean Medicine
    • Become One with Sky, Earth, and Human
    • Total Care of the Royal Family, Royal Medical Center
  • 4 Korean Medicine Stands at the Center of World Medicine
    • Korean Medicine Rises to the Center of World Medicine
    • Differentiated Traditional Medicine
    5 SanCheong, Dreaming to be the Mecca of Korean Medicine
    • Korean Medicine Healing Tour
    • Korean Medicine Medical Tour
    6Innovative Korean Medicine Heals the Future
    • Korean Medicine Opens the Future
  • Theme Presentation Theatre
    • Pre-Show & Main Show
    • Post Show (Korean Medicine Riddle)