Korean Medicine Museum

Theme Presentation TheatreTheme Presentation Theatre
Theme Presentation TheatreTheme Presentation Theatre

Theme Presentation Theatre(1F)

The main image theatre space presents the excellence of Korean Medicine and is composed of the Pre-Show, Main Show, and Post Show (Korean Medicine Riddle). It delivers the value of our traditional medicine “healing” through the harmony of human, nature, and the universe.


  • Theme Presentation Theatre
  • Theme Presentation Theatre

Main Show: Homo Curas (Homo – Human, Cura – Cure : A person who cures)

The Homo Curas represents the present and future human population that enjoys health and happiness due to the principle of coexistence and the wisdom of Korean medicine they have learned.

Basic Story:

JiSan Lee is a young man exhausted from everyday life. One day, on his way to work, JiSan Lee gets into a car accident and meets a strange and bizarre sight (the inside of his body) where the meridian system flow and puddles, the location of acupoints. There, Jisan Lee starts to understand the healing principles of Korean medicine that controls the balance of internal organs. JiSan Lee, filled with the powerful energy of life, becomes a Homo Curas and presents the future of health and happiness dreamed by humankind in the past.

Post Show: Korean Medicine Riddle

The show introduces the transition process of Korean medicine and through the video presentation of anecdotes and episodes; viewers are able to experience turning points in Korean medicine history.