Korean Medicine Museum

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5,000 years of Wisdom Leads the Future of Korean Medicine

As an expo visited by people around the world, it supplies a space to learn about Korean medicine. It strengthens the understanding of Korean medicine, global traditional medicine, and DongUiBoGam (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine). In addition, combining education and fun results in an enjoyable learning experience that reinforces the learning process.


박물관2층 한방약초림, 한방둘레길 박물관1층 신, 기, 정, 기획전시, 3D Theare
  • Korean Medical Herbal Forest
    • Jirisan Mountain Herbal Valley
    • Herbal Playground
    Korean Medicine Dulle Road (Dulle-gil) : Family Korean Medical Clinic
    • Healthier on the Korean Medicine Dulle Road
    • Korean Medical Practice for the Growth of the Brain and Body
    • Korean Medical Practice for a Fit Body (S-line, V-line)
    • Korean Medical Practice to Live until 100
    Spirit(神): DongUiBoGam Opens the Future
    • Global Inheritance, DongUiBoGam (Principles and Practice of Eastern Medicine)
    • Report of Future Medicine, DongUiBoGam
    • DongUiBoGam Library
  • Energy/Qi(氣) : DongUiBoGam in Everyday Life
    • Understanding DongUiBoGam
    • Korean Medical Clinics Practice DongUiBoGam
    Essence(精) : The Historical Footsteps of DongUiBoGam
    • People’s Medicine, Korean Medicine
    • The Birth of DongUiBoGam
    • DongUiBoGam’s Medical Books
    Special Exhibition : Special Exhibition Celebrating the 400th Anniversary of DongUiBoGam
    • DongUiBoGam Road
    • DongUiBoGam Revolutionized Existing Medicine
    • DongUiBoGam Was a Popular Practiced Book
    • DongUiBoGam Is a Medical Book and a Historical Book