Korean Medicine Museum

Aerial View of the Korean Medical Herbal ForestAerial View of the Korean Medical Herbal Forest
View of home herb clinic of Herb Dulle-gilView of home herb clinic of Herb Dulle-gil
Herb experience Herb experience
Herb experience Herb experience

Korean Medicine Experience Center

This space opens up to viewers the home grounds of medicinal herbs since long ago, the SanCheong, and the place where the HeoJun’s spirit of Korean medicine is alive. Furthermore, it conveys the Korean medicine lifestyle with a chance for viewers to experience the Korean medicine approach towards modern day people’s problems and concerns.


  • 한방약초림 조감도
  • 한방둘레길 가정한방클리닉 조감도
  • 한방체험
  • 한방체험

Korean Medicinal Herbal Forest

The Korean Medicine Experience Center allows viewers to experience information regarding medicinal herbs in the home ground of medicinal herbs, SanCheong.

The medicinal herbs, which grow naturally in SanCheong, are divided by zones and are archived for exhibition and experience. Information about the effects of the medicinal herbs, their compatibility, identification methods and more are materialized into a game format so viewers can obtain the information in a fun and natural way.

Korean Medicine Dulle Road (Dulle-gil) : Family Korean Medical Clinic

This space is composed of content based on the solutions the Korean medical clinics implement for the main problems and interests of children, parents, and the elderly. As viewers walk through the Dulle Road, they are able to encounter recognizable Korean medicine in everyday life through stories of people growing healthier with the help of Korean medical clinics.

Healthier on the Korean Medicine Dulle Road / Korean Medical Method for the Growth of the Brain and Body / Korean Medical Method for a Fit Body (S-line, V-line) / Korean Medical Method to Live Until 100