Donguibonga House

Donguibonga Healing Town is contract-managed by the Korean Medicine Industry Cooperative Association.

Korean Medicine Industry Cooperative Association is,

Comprised of more than 500 Korean Oriental Medicine doctors who have many years of clinical experience.

The Korean Medicine Industry Cooperative Association is comprised of more than 500 clinic directors that have years of clinical experience in their own fields of Korean oriental medicine. The members of this Association are all experts in various fields of Korean medicine industry and they create a positive synergistic effect by utilizing their field-specific knowledge, know-hows and network to the fullest.

Expanding the base of Korean medicine through medical tour and overseas marketing.

Korean oriental medical tour is a promising field that can invigorate the Korean oriental medical industry. In March, 2015, the Korea Plaza in Korea Tourism Organization’s Kuala Lumpur Branch established a Korean beauty promotion center and has received a lot of attention from the public. Moreover, the Association is actively working to attract medical tourists by utilizing national networks with Russia, Kazakhstan, Central and Southeast Asian regions and is planning to promote and export various products of Korean oriental medicine industry.

A Consortium of specialized companies of Korean oriental medicine industry.

Over 20 companies specialized in fields such as Western medical devices, Korean oriental medical devices, cosmetics, healthy functional foods, pharmaceuticals, tourism and hotel cooperate with the Association. In the future, a trade center that exhibits and sells various products and devices will be built and managed in the Donguibogam Village.

Donguibonga Healing Town is operated like this.

Hanok Stay

  • Accommodation guests can use the Donguibonga Cafe
  • Please make your reservation in advance if you would like to experience Korean oriental medicine and call us (055-972-1318) with any questions about fees and reservations.

Donguibonga Korean Oriental Medicine Treatment Program

  • Sasang Constitution Diagnosis after SCAT2 exam and pulse diagnosis
  • Recuperation and care after surgery
  • Atopic and allergic disease
  • Thyroid disease and infertility/subfertility

5-Sense Satisfying Program

  • Visitors get to experience Hanok (traditional Korean house), Hansik (Korean food), Hanbok (traditional Korean clothing), Hanji (traditional handmade paper of Korea) and Hangeul (Korean alphabet) and also try traditional Korean medicine that suits one’s body constitution.
  • Organized to help Korean and foreign visitors experience traditional cultures of Korea with all five senses.

Donguibonga Cafe

  • Medicinal herbal tea, healthy drinks and healthy functional foods are sold.
  • Products of the companies affiliated with the Korean Medicine Industry Cooperative Association are sold.