Donguibonga House

Donguibonga Accommodation Complex

In Donguibonga, a place of healing and cure, you can stay at traditional Korean house.

In the village of Donguibogam where we become one with the nature, you will be able to take a step back from all the noise, worldly sensation and complications you have felt in your everyday lives, and be able to look at your body and mind from a new perspective. Relax yourself in this peaceful and quiet place. It will be a short but priceless experience.

※ There are no TVs and drinking or partying is not allowed. ※ For more details, please refer to <Accommodation Information>. .

Donguibonga Korean Medicine Experience Center

Basic Check-up

Body Fat Analysis

  • Muscle and fat mass of different body parts as well as visceral fat mass are examined and analyzed. Impedance values for different body parts and frequencies are provided to help you understand your health condition.

Sasang Constitution Diagnosis (SCAT2) Test

  • The Sasang Constitution Diagnosis and its classification of Taeyang Constitution, Taeeum Constitution, Soyang Constitution, Soeum Constitution which had been based on oriental doctor’s subjective judgment are explained more thoroughly and objectively with a facial image, body figure measurement, voice analysis and survey.

Measurement of active oxygen level

  • Measurement of the active oxygen which can cause aging, cancer, arteriosclerosis, myocardial infarction and weakening of immune system.

Customized Check-up

Blood Analysis Test

  • Liver and kidney function, blood sugar, cholesterol check through a blood test
  • Before taking constitutional Korean medicine, we analyze blood with biochemical tests to compare later your health condition before and after taking medicine.

Urine Test

  • Urine test for internal disease check
  • Urine test for over 20 types of internal diseases including diabetes, kidney and urinary system diseases.

Donguibonga Cafe 
▸Medicinal herbal tea, healthy drinks and healthy functional foods are sold. 
▸Products of the companies affiliated with the Korean Medicine Industry Cooperative Association are sold.