Donguibonga House

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동의본가 한옥스테이

Reservation Guidelines

Please make sure the following before making a reservation!
  • Your reservation is complete when paid in full within 2 days of making a reservation.
    Please cancel your reservation 24 hours prior to the reserved date. If a cancellation is received 24 hours before the reserved date, 50% refund is given. No refund will be given if a cancellation is received after the reserved date.
  • Accommodation is available from 2pm to 11am on the following day. We charge additional rate for 1 night for using past the check-out time.
  • 10,000 won is charged for each additional guest and the maximum additional guests are limited to 2 persons.
  • Bedding set and towels will be provided but you must bring your own toiletries.
  • Considering the nature of wooden buildings, we do not provide meals. Food items that are allowed inside your room will be limited to snacks, fruits and beverages that don’t require cooking.
  • Donguibonga is a smoke-free zone. Pets are not allowed inside the room.
  • Please contact us first before using any of the facilities in Donguibonga and please refrain from drinking, partying or making loud noises or distractions.

Making a Reservation

  • Inquiries and Reservation by Phone : 055-972-1318 (office hours: 09:00 ~ 18:00)
  • Email :
    - Please send us the date, number of guests planning to stay and contact information via email and we will contact you as soon as possible.
  • Account for payment: Nonhyup / 355-0035-5971-83 / Account holder: Korean Medicine Industry Cooperative Association(Branch)
    - We issue tax invoice and cash receipt.


※ Peak season: July 1 ~ October 31 / Fri., Sat. and the day before a Holiday
Category Rm. No. Rates
Peak season Off season
2nd Floor Single 201 202 204 205 70,000 50,000
Triple 206 100,000 80,000
3rd Floor Single 301 302 70,000 50,000
Quad 303 150,000 120,000
4th Floor Quad 402 403 404 150,000 120,000



1인실 / 2층 (201호, 202호, 204호, 205호)
 3층 (301호, 302호)
  혼자라면 여유 있게, 둘이면 비좁을 듯! 그래서 1인실입니다. 
  두 사람이 주무실 때는 미리 말씀해 주셔야 침구 준비가 가능합니다. 샤워시설과 화장실이 있습니다.

  여러 분이 함께 오셔서 둘러앉을 방이 필요할 때 유용하네요. 
  다만 여유 있게 주무시라고 3인실로 정했습니다.

4인실 / 3층 (303호)
  샤워시설과 화장실은 물론이고 방 앞에 넓은 대청마루가 있어서 
  가족들이 사용하기에 좋습니다.

4층 /  402호, 403호, 404호
  두 개의 작은 방이 미닫이로 연결되어 있습니다. 
  샤워시설과 화장실을 함께 사용해야 해서 
  4~5명이 함께 묵을 경우에 적당합니다.
동의본가를 찾아오시는 가족들을 위해 사랑채를 빌려드립니다. 
7월부터 8월까지, 사랑채를 통째로 사용하실 경우 35만원! 
샤워시설과 화장실이 딸린 작은 방 2개와 제법 큰 방이 1개 있고, 큰 마루와 대청마루가 있습니다. 더운 날에는 큰 마루와 대청마루에도 잠자리를 펼 수 있어서 20명 남짓한 가족들의 여름밤 숙박 장소로 추천합니다.