The Korean Medical Clinic, Bondiol

Introduction of Bondiol

The meaning of Bondiol is “primal” and “right”. It contains a will to understand the cause of disease and cure it perfectly. The brand mark of Bondiol is a type of logo mark and represents the excellence and confidence. Also, the major color, olive green, presents the vision of network hospitals to customers to pursue clean and natural life. It expresses the world-excellent medical technology in the figuration of calligraphy on the basis of Korean identity.

지리산 산청 전통탕제원 본디올 한의원

The Bondiol recovers the originally right health condition.

The Bondiol recovers the originally right health condition.

As the elementary students say, “I’m tired”, there are many people suffering from many disease from chronic fatigue, abdominal sense of distension, powerlessness, hand ache, pain of back, shoulder and knee, chronic rhinitis, indigestion and cold to atopy, pimple, arthritis and various woman diseases, regardless of age and sex. Do you ignore it with saying, “The air and environment is so bad. I’m not the only one to suffer. Everyone feels sick and tired with age. Life is life.”?

Why do I have to do endless housework with a refrigerator, a washing machine, a vacuum cleaner, a water purifier, a kimchi fridge, an anion air cleaner, a humidifier and a drum washing machine? As raising children, I became old and fat and finally got diseases like ache of waist, knee and ankle and had bad digestion sometimes and feel frustrated…The conditions of country is bad and the economic situation is bad….recently all domestic and foreign matters are confused… is not surprising I feel sick on all my body. Exercise is not something special. Just live with taking breathing exercise, cooking food family likes, complaining and quarreling constantly. Do you just comfort yourself like these?

  • The Korean Medical Clinic Network, Bondiol recovers your originally healthy body.

    The Korean Medical clinic network, Bondiol waits you near you, one step closer to you.

  • The Korean Medical Clinic, Bondiol researches constantly in academy.

    The Korean Medical clinic, Bondiol is composed of 19 networks of Korean Medical clinic in Seoul, Gyeonggi, Incheon, Jinju, Sancheong, Ulsan and Busan.

  • The selection of the Korean Medical Clinic, Bondiol is performed through strict procedures.

    This network didn’t take advantage of the trend of network in medical community. This is the first domestic Korean Medical clinic network based on academy. One year was invested for the preparation only.

The number of members of Korea Hyungsang Medicine Academy which makes the Korean Medical clinic network, Bondiol, is about 15,000 people. About 10% of oriental doctors in the country, about 20,000 persons, in other words, one out of ten is a member of the Korea Hyungsang Medicine Academy. The Korea Hyungsang Medicine Academy has continued to study the Donguibogam of Heojun and the Hyungsang Medicien of Jisan from 6 am to 8 am for more than 30 years. The Korean Medical clinic, Bondiol is composed of oriental doctors who continued the morning study more than 3 years. The Korean Medical clinic, Bondiol tries for “patient focused customized care” with opening care philosophy and medical knowhow and sharing questions and answers through communications between directors as well as morning study.

Symbols of Bondiol

According to the Donguibogam, the appearances of person are different each other as their developed organs are different. The appearances can be classified into four groups. As the appearance of each person is different, the organs are different, too. Therefore, the treatments are very different even if the outer symptom looks similar to each other.

  • Fish type
    (figuration of fish)

    Developed mouth in face Developed hip in body Developed kidney among organs
  • Bird type
    (figuration of bird)

    Developed eye in face Developed chest in body Developed heart among organs
  • Runner type
    (figuration of horse running well)

    Developed nose in face Developed side and legs in body Developed liver among organs
  • Shied type
    (figuration of turtle)

    Developed ears in face Developed back in body Developed lung among organs

Special customized treatment of the Korean Medical clinic, Bondiol to classify the patients into 13,500 types depending on the figuration of person and cure them.

The hyungsang medicine basically classifies figurations into three groups; junggisinhyulgwa classified with sex and age, damche, banggwangche and figuration of face, eojojugapryu comparing the organs’ figuration and body’s figuration and function with figuration of water and yukkeunghyung classified with development of kyoungnak and Gihyul. They cure disease precisely and help the orthobiosis.

  • sex and age(男女老小)
  • damche(담체) and banggwangche(膀胱滯)
  • junggisinhyulgwa
  • The organs’ figuration
  • eojojugapryu
  • yukkeunghyung

Introduction tangjewon

  • Clean water of Jirisan

    According to the Donguibogam, the most important thing for boiling medicine is using good water. The Korean Medical clinic, Bondiol uses clean water of Jirisan to boil medicine.

  • Ogari made by the Onggi masters in Goseung

    It is said the medicine boiled in a pot made of good soil tastes good and is effective. The medicinal decoction of Korean Medical clinic, Bondiol, is boiled in a pot made by ourselves.

  • Domestic wheat

    The materials for medicine are made in accordance with the methods of Donguibogam. The nuruk or cheongju is made of domestic wheat.

  • Good medicine

    The medicine of Korean Medical clinic, Bondiol is excellent medicine of Jirisan and verified and selected medicine.

  • Verified effects

    We use medicinal herbs which passed the dry storage of experiment. (Experiments: measure of pesticide residue, heavy test, conformance test, purity test, dry weight, ash content, acid-insoluble ash, essence oil content, sulfur dioxide, arsenic test, extract content and quantitative analysis test)

  • Credible quality

    As for medicinal decoction and Korean Medicine made by these way, the pharmaceutical companies performs heavy metal and pesticide test once more when medicine materials is delivered

  • Management of whole process by oriental doctors specialized in medicinal herb

    The oriental doctors directly manage the medicine of Korean Medical clinic, Bondiol, which was produced through these processes.

Pictures of Tangjewon

  • Bondiol TangjewonBondiol Tangjewon
  • Bondiol YaktanggiBondiol Yaktanggi
  • Kyungokgo production of Bondiol Kyungokgo production of Bondiol
  • Kyungokgo production of Bondiol Kyungokgo production of Bondiol