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What is the Hyungsang medicine?

‘Diseases and cures follow figuration.’
The Hyungsang medicine is an individual customized medicine based on the Hwnagjenaekyong and Donguibogam.

The Hyungsang medicine is systemized by Jisan Inkyo,Park after studying and developing Hwnagjenaekyong(황제내경) and Donguibogam. The Hyungsang medicine is an individual customized medicine with motto, ‘Diseases and cures follow figuration.’ As different apprearances of people mean different characters, different figurations mean different functions of organs. Since diseases come to each person by different ways, the cures and regimens must be different though the symptoms are similar. In other words, the methods to maintain health and cure diseases for fat people and thin people are different. Since the sex, age, face figuration, skin color, figuration and body figuration are different from each other, the methods to maintain health and cure diseases should be different. Then, would we live with unhealthy body because of innate figuration and organs? Never!

According to the Hyungsang medicine, diseases arise from own strengths and weaknesses

As we hear a proverb, ‘the dying people live until 80’, innately weak person, in other words, person with many weaknesses can live longer if the weaknesses is complemented. A person with weak kidney function can have more healthy life, if he eats food enforcing the kidney function and is careful. It is very mysterious the disease arises from own strengths as well as weaknesses.

We have recover our originally right and healthy body by maintaining healthy body with enforcing but not overusing our strengths and complementing our weaknesses. If a person born with healthy body works too hard in believing own health, he will have disease on the part he used a lot when he became old. It is an example sports players of basketball or volleyball who are healthy, good talented and muscular get diseases on their hand, wrist, knee and back they used a lot.

The Hyungsang medicine is an Korean Medicine to tell life style as well as to make right and healthy body by curing diseases.

The Hyungsang medicine the oriental doctors of Bondiol study through Donguibogam every morning is a study to make people realize their own weaknesses and strengths and know how to live to prevent own weaknesses to become disease suffering themselves as well as cure in accordance with figuration.

Bondiol’s special customized cures to classify 13,500 types, depending on people’s figurations, and cure

The hyungsang medicine basically classifies figurations into three groups; junggisinhyulgwa classified with sex and age, damche, banggwangche and figuration of face, eojojugapryu comparing the organs’ figuration and body’s figuration and function with figuration of water and yukkeunghyung classified with development of kyoungnak and Gihyul. They cure disease precisely and help the orthobiosis. Let’s find out which group I belong to, the nature and tendency of each group, possible disease and food or medicine to eat or not.

Figuration of man and woman

Generally the identification of man and woman is based on the sexual organ. But, in Hyungsang medicine, the identification is based on the appearances of man and woman. There is few pure man and pure woman in terms of Hyungsang medicine. The appearances of pure woman are small head, pretty eyes and mouth, soft skin, well developed breasts and hip and ample lower body. The appearances of pure man are big head, big and muscular nose and ears, well developed shoulders and valley and big upper body. For example, if a woman has remarkable nose, she is regarded as a woman with man’s nature in terms of the Hyungsang medicine. The man has emanative nature and the woman has converging nature. Therefore, a medicine to release anger is used to woman and a medicine to protect stamina is used to a man under the condition of the same disease. Like this, cures are different for the same disease, depending on sex.

iguration of age

The children are like tillers. They are full of energy of spring and summer and have much heat. Thus, they can’t stay for a while. They want to move. Also, they are weak as tillers and have a cold frequently and have many atopic diseases. We have to stimulate children’s umheul(음혈) which are nutrients for growth and control chegi(체기) and cold. The old people are like old trees. They are full of energy of autumn and winter and have cold body. They are lack of stamina to reduce activities. They urinate frequently and unsatisfactory. Also, since their jinaek(진액) is dried, their mouth became bitter and dry. They easily got heorojeung(허로증) which looks like cold. Therefore, the old people use medicine for health care and don’t overwork.

Damchae constitution of much anger and insufficient umheul

In terms of Hyungsang medicine, Damchae means a constitution of much anger and insufficient Umheul. Therefore, they are thin, have dark skin, less sleep and active a lot. If their constitution is much anger and insufficient Umheul, they can suffer from anemia, fatigue in afternoon, exasperation, emotional instability, insomnia and premature ejaculation.

Food and prescription

Fork and shellfish are good for Damchae since they protect Umheul. We make the body have vitality with prescription using Rehmannia glutinosa as major materials to replenish Jinaek.

Banggwangche constitution of insufficient stamina and much Seupdam

Banggwangche means a constitution of insufficient stamina and much Seupdam. Thus, they are fat, have white skin, much sleep and don’t like exercising. Since they have insufficient stamina and much Seupdam, they can suffer from fatness, torpor, fatigue in the morning, joint disease and hypnolepsy.

Food and prescription

Samgyetang and Hwanggi chicken are good for Banggwangche. The representative medicine is medicine primarily composed of ginseng. It enhances the stamina to give body vitality.

Junggisinhyulgwa 精氣神血科

As we can understand all states of car on the gage panel, we can understand all states of a person on the face. A body is composed of 4 fundamental factors called as Junggisinhyul. These can be classified into Junggwa, Giggwa, Singwa and Hyulgwa, depending on the major factor.

Junggwa(round face)

  • This kind of people is always pleasant and optimistic and likes to stay quietly and lay down.
  • This kind of people becomes fat easily because of good digestion.
  • There is much humidity in this kind of people. The body of this people can easily swell up. This kind of people has pain in waist and back frequently and get arthralgia easily.
  • The diseases caused by wrong orthobiosis are diabetes, rheumation arthritis and premature ejaculation.


  • This kind of people can easily get fat and pay a lot of attention to control weight.
  • They have to have light and early dinner and move moderately and constantly and have an exercise. Also, they have to avoid tart food. It is better for him (her) to eat light five grains often.
  • The suitable foods are Chinese matrimony vine, raspberry wine, sesame and cornus fruit.

Giggwa (square face)

  • This kind of people has own clear identity. They are industrious and try.
  • A woman of this constitution feels frustrated, has pains in waist, has phlegm in her throat(maehakgi) and doesn’t feel refreshed.
  • A man of white skin and square face has lack of energy and get diseases.
  • The diseases caused by wrong orthobiosis are depression, nerve diseases, thyroid disease and uterine diseases.


  • This kind of woman has to exercise and have social activities to get vitality. It prevents Gi-diseases. If the energy is stuck, coco grass, lindera root, dried orange feel, ginger, white radish and Cheungbaek. For enhancing energy, ginseng, milk vetch root, milk, beef and dog meat are good.

Singwa (sharp chin and triangle face)

  • This kind of people is intelligent and smart. They tend to be precise and clear.
  • They are very sensitive to be excited, be surprised well, be always nervous and be forgettable. Also, since their lower body is weak, they has diseases in waist and legs easily.


  • It is good to exercise the Sundo, hypogastric breathing and meditation for stabilization of mind.
  • The ginseng, jujube, nelumbinis semen and Baekboksin are good for stabilization of mind. If you make soup with nelumbinis semen and eat often, it could be helpful for healing mind.

Hyulgwa(혈과) (egg figurationd face)

  • It gives soft impression. This kind of people has delicate and gentle nature and usually has good looking.
  • This kind of people could suffer from headache, vertigo, menstrual irregularity, extravasated blood and various bleeding disorders caused by lack of blood.
  • The diseases caused by wrong orthobiosis are anemia, menstrual pain, uterine hemorrhage, puerperal diseases and aplastic anemia.


  • As for Hyulgwa, it is especially good to cure at post-natal cases, traffic accidents and bruises.
  • The angelica root is good to protect blood. The juice of Saengyeon(생연) root is good for removing extravasated blood and symptom of bleeding.

Liver (The nature shows on eyes. Blue face)


  • The constitution on the basis of liver shows its nature on eyes and the face is blue.


  • Generous but becomes angry and annoying under bad health. Likes clean things too much.

Major disease symptoms

  • Weak urine
  • Sand blindness and weak hearing with weak liver
  • Swelling bloodshot eyes with fever in liver
  • Having cramps on legs and arms sometimes


  • Losing your temper easily may result in disorder of liver.
  • It is recommended to strengthen your liver since it becomes weak in the fall.
  • It is recommended to eat sour taste foods like plums or leeks, dog meats or sesame seeds.

Heart (The nature shows on tongue. Sometimes timid and red face)


  • The constitution on the basis of heart shows its nature on eyes. The person of this constitution is sometimes timid and has red face.


  • Delighted well and easily smiles.

Major disease symptoms

  • Dry mouth
  • Well hurt tongue
  • If we press above navel, we can feel hardness or pain.
  • Constricting and painful heart
  • Fever in the middle of hand
  • Retching
  • The chest and belly become big. The bottom of side and waist is tensed and painful.

Nose (The nature shows on lip. Yellow face)


  • Particular taste
  • The belly swells bloated. Bad digestion
  • Feel heavy to move. Painful joint



  • The nature shows on nose. Wide shoulders and white face.
  • Many sneezes. Coughs a lot and feels tired. Be breathless and coughs. Painful back and feels constricted.

Kidney (The nature shows on ears. Thick waist and black face)


  • The constitution on the basis of kidney shows its nature on eyes. The person of this constitution has thick waist and black face.


  • Much fear. The person of this constitution yawns and stretches frequently.

Major disease symptoms

  • As the energy rises up, the belly swells. Painful waist. Unsatisfactory defecating. Diarrhea but difficult defecating.
  • Tensed and painful lower abdomen. Coldness in shin.
  • Pains on shoulder, back, neck and nape. Sometimes feels vertigo.
  • If the kidney is weak, we feel coldness in legs, hands and body and have painful heart. With the strong kidney, the belly swells, shins swells and we become breathless, cough and feel heavy.


  • If you have a disease in kidneys, it will become worse in rainy season. Thus, it is better to take a medicine to prevent it in advance. You should not lift up heavy things, have sex and take a bath after sweating. It is good to have bean, pork, chestnut and bean leaves for kidney diseases.

Constitution which is similar to fish in terms of figuration and nature

  • It is a constitution based on kidney. They have a big mouth, thick lip and dark skin.
  • They have a big waist and hip and shakes hop a little when walking. They can become fat easily because they eat well.
  • They have good stamina.
  • They taste well. Thus, a woman makes food well.
  • The people with this constitution are smart and make keen judgment in short time to adapt to environment.
  • They are admitted to be competent because they are realistic and determinant.
  • They are timid and are easily frightened. They are silent normally.
  • If they are more tired than usual, they usually have toothache, backache, stomachache and have pains in back of neck and shoulders. Sometimes they appeal vertigo.
  • With bad care of health, they will suffer from digestive diseases, backache and kidney disease.


  • If they don’t have well balanced meal, they will become fat easily.
  • The foods for kidney are the schizandra(오미자), cornus fruit(산수유), beef kidney, chestnut, black bean and oyster.

Constitution which is similar to birds in terms of figuration and nature

  • It is a constitution based on heart. They have remarkable eyes, small and thin lip and red face.
  • They are pretty and well frightened. They have weaker legs than shoulder.
  • They are wise and smart to deal with tasks promptly.
  • They are kind and like to make friends. They smiles and speaks well.
  • They are very polite.
  • They don’t like to work as an employee and be suppressed.
  • Because they are impatient and like the accuracy, they are not comfortable, nervous, excited and have much fire.
  • They easily have pains in waist and legs.
  • They have much fever but feel cold much.
  • With bad care of health, they will suffer from heart diseases, constipation and nerve diseases.


  • They have to stabilize their mind and try to protect their heart.
  • Since they will become sick, if they live in underground or dark place, they have to live at high place.
  • The foods for hearty are nelumbinis semen, ginseng, wheat, egg, apricot, lettuce and red bean.

Constitution which is similar to dogs or horses running well in terms of figuration and nature

  • It is a constitution based on liver. They have thin face, long nose and blue face.
  • They are slim because they have long waist, long legs and arms.
  • They have much hair and dark eyebrow.
  • They have natural talents in sports like soccer and running.
  • They can smell well and have loud voice.
  • They are generous and kind to take care of their junior staffs and children.
  • On the contrary, they are impatient and easily become angry to make big troubles.
  • They like neatness.
  • Because they were born based on liver, they have tensed waist and lower abdomen frequently.
  • They easily have arthritis, pains in waist and legs, sand-blindness and singing ears.
  • With bad care of health, they will suffer from hepatitis, muscular disease, eye disease, tinnitus, genitor disease and arthritis.


  • If they become angry often, they will easily suffer from liver disease. Thus, they have to be wise to control their temper.
  • If they have extravasated blood because of car accident or falling, They will suffer from liver disease. Thus, they need cares to prevent this.
  • The foods for liver are cassia seed, naengissi, rubus coreanus, cornus fruit, quince, deodeok and wheat.

Constitution which is similar to turtles with wide back in terms of figuration and nature

  • It is a constitution based on lung. They have big ears, white and square face.
  • They have wrinkles on forehead, wide back and shoulder and are very handsome.
  • They have much inspiration and imagination. They have good memory not to forget people whom they met once.
  • They listen to other people well. They are taciturn. They drink water or alcoholic drink.
  • They are faithful and have strong leadership. They hardly tell a lie.
  • They can separate the private and the public.
  • They like calming music. They easily cry when they watch sad movies.
  • Since their lungs become weak easily, they have much cough with cold and get asthma when it becomes severe.
  • They breathe hard and sweat too much. They often have pains in ears and shoulders.
  • With bad care of health, they will suffer from respiratory diseases, skin diseases and depression.


  • It is good for them to live by sea or river.
  • It is better to work in shade than in sunny side.
  • The foods for lung are schizandra, jinpi, balloon flower, walnut, peach, milk, gijang rice and apricot stone.

Yukgyeong type ( classification according to meridian system, chi- blood rise and fall )

Yukgyeong type separates the development status of spirit and meridian formed with rise and fall of chi-blood into 6 types in HyungSang medicine. Classification of Yukgyeong type constitution has an advantage of accurately diagnosing and treating several disease generated inside or infected from outside.

Taeyang type constitution is featured to have eyes and end of nose slant upward.

  • This constitution pursues ideal and has excellent imagination and creativity.
  • Since this type constitution is sensitive, he has talents for arts.
  • Taeyang type may not urinate properly until late or have problem in urination.
  • He may have stiff neck, feel pain in waist or is likely to suffer from disease in reproductive organs.
  • He lacks in energy and tends to catch a cold if he gets tired.
  • Diseases that may occur due to wrong care of health include bladder infection, problem of prostate, rhinitis, nervous disease and spinal diseases.


  • Avoid cold wind, warm lower abdomen and relieve your mind.

Taeum physiological type is featured to have eyes and end of nose drooped down.

  • This constitution is likely to have high sense of reality, complete any given jobs responsibly, and pursue perfection.
  • Taeum type has a stomachache frequently, feels uncomfortable at upper part of abdomen, feels weak at arms and legs, or feels numb frequently.
  • Diseases that may occur due to wrong care of health include chronic gastritis, enteritis, irritable colon syndrome and acute gastroenteritis.


  • It is recommended to take a walk for about 10 minutes rather than lie down after meal. Regular light exercise at daily life is recommended for this type.

Soyang type constitution is featured to have eyes drooped down and end of nose slant upward.

  • This constitution is gentle in appearance but sturdy in spirit, thoughtful and delicate. And always prepare in advance and make efforts.
  • Soyang type is likely to suffer from migraine, hard of hearing, feels a pain in heart and side, feels dry mouth and throat, and is likely to have fever come down and up frequently. And he may not feel relieved but feels a pressure on his chest.
  • Diseases that may occur due to wrong care of health include cholecystitis, tubercular lymphadentis, allergic rhinitis and shingles.


  • It is recommended not to feel too nervous and to be careful of health in-between seasons.

It is recommended not to feel too nervous and to be careful of health in-between seasons.

  • This constitution is aggressive and has executive talent.
  • Soeum type has cold body, is hot in upper part and cold in lower part, he may feel a pressure on his chest, has a stiff neck, feels cold in the lower abdomen, and feels unpleasant.
  • Soeum type women is likely to be infertile and to suffer from miscarriage or various diseases during pregnancy.
  • Diseases that may occur due to wrong care of health include sterility, menstrual pain, backache, chronic stomach disorder and impotence


  • It is recommended to keep our lower abdomen warm at all times and not to overwork extremely.

Yangmyeong type constitution is generally well-built, swollen eyes and lips, swollen breast or abdomen, that is, a pleasantly plump constitution.

  • Yangmyeong type is faithful, exhaustive, has a positive drive and achievement needs and persistent, and is highly like to achieve success in business.
  • Yangmyeong type is born with strongly built physique so that he may stay health even if he works hard when he is young, but is likely to suffer from many diseases when he gets old.
  • He is likely to suffer from diseases caused by foods, overeating or over-drinking since he has fever in stomach and large intestine.
  • He has fever in body, sweats much and wounds on the skin.
  • He gets fat easily and feel a pain at knees.
  • Diseases that may occur due to wrong care of health include obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke, hyperlipidemia, fatty liver, skin disease and joint diseases.


  • It is recommended to eat well in the morning and not to eat much in the evening. Overeating and over-drinking should be avoided.
  • Since excessive overwork in the early days may result in many diseases from 40~50's, it is recommended to pay attention to health care at normal times.

Kwoleum type constitution is featured to have face or eyes concave or deep-set.

  • Composed and calm
  • Kwoleum type has cold body, cold hands and feels, lower abdomen so that he feels cold even in the summer. Since the body is cold, men of this type may suffer from disorder in urinogenital organs and women of this type may suffer from infertility or miscarriage. In addition, he may suffer from disorder in digestive organs.
  • Diseases that may occur due to wrong care of health include stomach disorder, sterility, leukorrhea flow or miscarriage.


  • It is recommended to keep the body warm at all times, to avoid cold food and not to stay at cold place for long.
  • Women of this type is recommended to keep their lower abdomen warm to stay healthy.