The Korean Medical Clinic, Bondiol

Introduction of Nationwide 19 Bondiol Network Korean medical Clinics

Bondiol means 'originally right' and Bondiol Korean Medical Clinic has been dedicated to proper treatment with accurate identification of cause of the illness. Directors of Bondiol Korean Medical Clinic belong to Korea HyungSang(Face and Body) Medical Science Association which specializes in ⟨Whangjenaegyeong⟩and ⟨Dongeuibogam⟩. This Korean Medical clinic is famous for its doctors gathering at a lecture room early in the morning to help patients get healthy again.

Bondiol Korean Medical Clinic diagnoses and treats diseases using information on shape of face, shape of eye, nose, mouth and ear, skin color and body type, nature and lifestyle. Since this treatment method is based on ⟩Dongeuibogam⟩ and ⟩Whangjenaegyeong⟩ of Heojun, more accurate and detailed explanations are given to patients.

Bondiol Korean Medical Clinic has 19 network Korean Medical clinics in Seoul, Gyeonggi, Incheon, Jinju, Sancheong, Ulsan, Busan at present.

We'll do our best to bring help our patients recover health again through diagnosis and treatment suitable for their constitution at Bondiol Korean Medical Clinics located at each region.