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Business Philosophy

Leading technologies to sincerely consider and help people

A company to pursue human rather than product
Hurom has developed “leading technologies to sincerely consider and help humanity” with endless challenges and researches for 40 years since the foundation in 1974. Ultimately, it leads the cultures of right dietary life and contributes to health of humanity with the global market of kitchen electric appliances.

  • People

    We started from the heart to sincerely consider and help humanity.
  • Ethics

    We contribute to health of humanity right technologies for people.
  • Innovation

    We change the culture of modern dietary lives with endless challengers and researches.
  • Technology

    We study and develop the most advanced technologies which lead the global market of kitchen electric appliances.

HUROM to consider health of humanity

  • The Humane Technology to consider humanity We serve with humane technologies for both human and technology not with glossy skills in accordance with the principle; human is prior to profit.
  • Value for humanity beyond product We gradually realize the most beneficial technologies for humanity slowly and healthily to contain the natural health itself which is almost perfect.
  • Effort to contain the 100% nutrients of nature HUROM is not satisfied with the current. We re-invest part of our profit in R&D to study endless creation and innovative technologies.
  • Create healthy dietary culture to have health of nature We present the healthy dietary culture of nature which is necessary for modern people and lead the health of humanity in modern lives.

Business Culture

We contribute to humanity health with providing endless creation, innovative health-oriented technologies and services.

The creation and innovation start from technologies.
The HUROM’s efforts for technology development based on sincerity and honesty, overall organization and culture of company and customer satisfaction exist for great goal of humanity health.

  • Customer Focused

    Customer Satisfaction
    Customer First management
    We increase the company value with quality improvement of product and perfect service mind for customer satisfaction.
  • Respect for Members

    Management of Responsibility for Performance
    We lead the pleasant and rewarding work life with respect and befit for well performing members.
  • Social Contribution

    Unchanged Transparent Management
    We pursue to be a responsible company respected socially and loved by customers with honest, sincere and moral management.
  • Continuous Growth

    Value Creation with Innovation
    We make continuous growth based on creative thinking and endless challenge spirit forward goal and vision.

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