Healing Experience

Donguibogam Story Healing Experience Course The way up to the Windmill, Dissection Cave, In front of the Theme House, The Colonnade before Tiger Sculpture, Pavilion before the Oriental Ki Experience Center, Oriental Ki Experience Center

Qin Shi Huang's Expedition for elixir plants <The Way up to the Windmill>

According to Sima Qian's 'Sagi,' Qin Shi Huang, dreaming of an elixir of life after the unification of the ancient China, ordered Xufu to choose 500 virgin males and females respectively and send them to find elixir plants. Mt. Jirisan, or Mt. Bangjangsan, among the three mountains resided by Taoist hermits, is said to be the first place where this expedition visited. This is because Mt. Jirisan. is assumed to have elixir plants. They, however, failed to find the elixir plants and left for Geoje and Jeju, etc. This shows clear evidence that Mt. Jirisan is well-known for herbs, even as far as to China.

The Meaning of Donguibogam's registration in UNESCO list <Waiting Place before the Theme Park>

  • Donguibogam is a medical book which was made up of 25 volumes in 1610(the second year of Kwanghaegun's reign) and published in wooden types in 1613, and had been republished in China and Japan and more, exercising everlasting influence on the development of Korean Medicine. In July 31st, 2009, the 9th International Advisory Committee for World Written Heritage acknowledged the worth of medical contents, systematically written uniqueness, and its presence as the World's first publicized public Health guidebook and registered it in the UNESCO list for the first time for a medical book.
  • The listing of the Donguibogam as a world heritage means that it has been recognized not only in Southeast Asia, but also throughout the world for its excellence in Korean Medicine.

The Story of 33 Water Colonnades <The Colonnade before Tiger Sculpture>

In Dongui Bogam there is a saying that 'it depends solely on water whether a person is fat or slim, or lives a long or short lives,' which emphasizes the importance of water. Dongui Bogam divide water into 33 different categories and introduce their effects. Accordingly, 33 different 11m high water colonnades were represented in the form of hexagonal water and that symbolizes the future development of Sancheong-gun composed of 11 countries and towns, and Korean medicine as vertical formation.

A Tale on Dissection Cave <Dissection Cave on Heojun Sullye Road>

  • Heojun visited Eoreum(icy) Valley of Cheonhwangsan in Miryang with the Great Master Samjeok upon the summon from his teacher Ryu Uitae who suffer from stomach cancer. There was Ryu Uitae, lying on his back on a stone in a icy cold cave even in the summer heat, with a will and various surgical equipments beside him. Crying over his teacher's death and touched by his spirit of self-sacrifice, Heojun decided to follow his will- that Heojun should learn the shape and function of internal organs of human beings and find different reasons why we get sick through his body in order to as many lives as possible.
  • "Gods of Heaven and Earth, please listen to my oath. As you see, I, Heojun, would never forget what I pledged here. If I should neglect my lessons to be a good doctor, or pursue money and fame, then you could punish me," said Heojun, and he straightened his clothes and picked up the mess.

A Story of a Ki Rock<At Seokkyeong Entrance of Oriental Ki Experience Center>

  • The vast range of Mt. Jirisan is said to form when spirit of this nation vigorously flew through the Baekdudaegan and stopped to see the Southern sea. And at the end of its range, there is Mt. Wangsan, or Mt. Pilbongsan, is located with all the energy within the bosom of it. This place has Seokkyeong(a stone mirror), Guigamseok(a rock with good examples engraved on it). Bokseokjung(a bowl full of good luck), Donguijeon and there is a 'ki experience story' that starts from receiving blessed 'ki' such as health, pregnancy, luck from Seokkyeong, Guigamseok, and Bokseokjung and ending with meditation in Donguijeon, wishing and hoping 'all goes well.'
  • More and more stories are heard of being appointed at the high rank public office, promoted, or passing an exam, or getting pregnant after visiting here and spread across the nation.

A Special Village, Teuk-ri <Pavilion before the Oriental Ki Experience Center>

As shown from its name, Teuk-ri village, in which Donguibogam-chon is located, is a special village, whose name originated from a lying cow. Mr. Keumjae Kanghan is said to come here to avoid eyes of the world after retiring from his office, playing geomungo in nature for the rest of his life. At the back of the village, there is Mt. Wangsan and Mt. Pilbongsan, the patron saints, of Donguibogam chon, and in the foreground Teuk-ri field and Kyeongho River, well known for its clearness, which makes it a traditionally propitious spot.