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Title [Asia] Uighur Ui-Medicine

2014-12-30 14:10:13
Traditional Uighur medicine, with more than 2,000 years of history, is currently equipped with the complete theoretical structure and provides diagnostic and treatment strategies based on the interrelation of humans and the external environment based on the Four Elements and Humor theory
Current Traditional Uighur Medicine is based on long-time history. Ancient Uighur Medicine was influenced by, and was developed based on various factors from neighboring countries, such as ancient medicine of Greece and Rome, 3 Elements Theory of India, and 4 Body Fluid Theory of Hippocrates with the help of trade via Silk Road. Ancient Uighur Medicine established its theoretical foundation of 4 Basic Elements Theory, and Disposition Theory in Sui and Tang Dynasty. These theories are basically on the same page with those of these days.

Islamic culture influenced deeply on the history of Uighur people and Xingang area. Uighur Medicine of those time was characterized by 4 Basic Element Theory, Disposition Theory, pulse diagnosis and acupuncture. Uighur established and developed their traditional medicine through communication and mutual interaction with other ethnic groups including Han Chinese as well, leading to establish theoretical structure of their own medicine, which provides diagnostic and treatment strategies, and interrelation between human and external environment, based on 4 Elements and Humor theory.